In addition to the services listed below, we can revive barn finds, restore to original condition, and build a complete, custom bike. The cost for each depends on the condition of the original bike and the extent of work to be completed. To see some of our previous builds, check out the Motorcycle Gallery.


Scheduled maintenance

Oil and filter change, spark plugs, timing, points gap, valve clearance, etc.



Carburetor rebuild (balanced and tuned)

Single carburetor: $140 + rebuild kit + tax
Dual carburetors: $210 + rebuild kit + tax
Four carburetors: $350 + rebuild kit + tax

Fork rebuild, pricing begins at $175 + seals and oil + tax

Charging system diagnosis and repair, pricing begins at $40 + any necessary parts

Brake service, pricing begins at $40


Top-end or Full Engine Rebuild



Diagnose and repair specific problem, pricing begins at $40

Rewire entire bike to stock wiring, pricing begins at $600

Custom wiring, for custom-built bikes or to eliminate the battery, pricing begins at $800



Respoke wheels, pricing begins at $210 + spokes (price of spokes differs depending on need for custom-ordered spokes)

True wheels, pricing begins at $70



We do not routinely change tires. We will change tires when the bike is in the shop for other work, but do not change tires alone.




Oil tanks

Fuel tank

Tail piece

Seat pan


Custom fender

Narrow fender


For custom orders of individual items (off the bike), please see the instructions below and send us an email:

Handlebars: As much as you can, provide your preferred style, rise, overall width, width between rises, diameter, finish (powdercoat, chrome, raw metal)

Oil tanks: We prefer to design oil tanks on the motorcycle, unless it’s a design that we’ve done before (as on the fabrication page), such as for a CB750 or David Bird hardtail Ironhead Sportster.

Fuel tanks: We also prefer to design fuel tanks on the motorcycle, particularly as the frame and seat positioning can dictate the tunnel shape and height. If you would just like a tank to be narrowed or have inverted sides, these can usually be accommodated without having the motorcycle. Please contact us regarding your project.

Tail pieces: Tail pieces can usually be designed and constructed off of the motorcycle if you can provide the exact dimensions. Otherwise, it is best to have the motorcycle during the design process.



We can accommodate most paint schemes, including gloss, matte, metal flake. Cost will depend on necessary repairs and paint scheme. Contact us to discuss.


3 Replies to “Services”

  1. hey guys, i have a 09 honda rebel that id like to play with a bit. i live in hixson so i am not far from you. been looking at some bobber ideas but would like to brainstorm some ideas with you. pretty much would like to change handle bars, custom color fuel tank, fenders, new seat….

    have you guys done any of these? any pics you could send my way?

    1. Hi Evan,

      We have not customized any Rebels yet but would be happy to discuss your ideas with you. If you’re local, feel free to stop in the shop, or send us an email ( with some of your ideas (links, pictures). At the moment, we’re booked out until the end of the year.

      Adam and Jamie

  2. Hi, I saw how sick your job on the 2007 v star looked and I was wondering how much it would be to get a narrower customized tank for an exact same bike. I know that the capacity would dramatically reduce fuel but thats something I’m willing to live with.
    I’m also in Canada so a clue on shipping cost would be great.

    Thank you

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