Relic Moto Vintage Show

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Since we moved to Chattanooga in late 2013, we’d been tossing around the idea of holding a vintage motorcycle show, in the spirt and feel of Oil Stained Brain in Melbourne, Australia, where Adam first showed his 1968 Triumph TR6, The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, and The Handbuilt Show in Austin. In 2015, we decided to go ahead with the show, knowing there had been nothing similar in the Southeast. We set the date (September 19, 2015) and searched for a suitable venue in Chattanooga and finally settled on The Camp House because of its beautiful interior, stage at the front, great food, availability of drinks, and awesome outside patio. Given the space, we limited the number of bikes …

2015 Vintage 1000

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There was some talk between friends regarding a 5-5-5 ride that had been planned a few years ago (? as to whether it is still occurring), during which $500 motorcycles traveled 500 miles over 5 days. It inspired the Vintage 1000 that we organized for the first time in 2015. Adam had this great idea of a 5-day 1000-mile trip on vintage motorcycles that cost <$1000 (excluding tires). When deciding the route, the Trans-America Trail (AKA: the “TAT”) seemed the perfect choice. It is a west bound dual-sport motorcycle ride across America. The Trail starts in “Southeastern Tennessee and ends at the Pacific Ocean in southwestern Oregon – nearly 5,000 miles of mostly off-pavement riding. It is not a single-track …

Hillside Mx

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We spent Saturday in Dayton, Tennessee, just north of the shop at a private motocross track. What started out as a freezing cold morning turned in to a beautiful winter day in a fantastic setting. The original plan was for more classes, but with the turn out, 3 classes were formed: vintage, modern, and kids. Following multiple practice laps, 2 races were run in each class, 5 laps each (I think the track was ~1.25 miles). Adam borrowed a bike from a friend because his recently-acquired 72(?) Husqvarna isn’t quite functioning yet, so he ended up in the modern class. I took over the photographer responsibilities and managed to snap about 800 photos before the batteries in both cameras died. I’ll …

DiCE magazine

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  We also fell behind on our issues of DiCE magazine, but issues 57 and 58 are on their way and should be in the shop later this week.

Show Class Magazine

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One of the perks of having your own shop is having an excuse to stock all of our favorite magazines, including Show Class magazine. If you haven’t checked it out, it always features some nice builds, and some nice “builds” in the why we come home section (one of Adam’s favorites).   🙂 We got a bit behind on the issues that we stock but have just ordered issues 20 and 21 to be in earlier next week. Come in and get your copy! Jamie  

Hondas, Hondas, and more Hondas

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You tend to find that, once word gets out that you are interested in old bikes (and tend to amass them), they start coming out of the woodwork. As Adam was loading up his spoils (6 bikes – a different blog post) from an auction in Illinois, he was approached by someone who had 4 70’s Hondas sitting in his barn he was wanting to get rid of. While we weren’t looking to collect more, it was a price that couldn’t be passed up. He sent through some pictures, and we were sold. Adam and I took a trip and picked these up from central, rural Illinois (where I’m from originally).           We ended up with two CB350s, …

Evolution of a 1973 Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster Chopper

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Unlike Adam, I find it challenging to envision the finished product when looking at a motorcycle that is either in pieces or is something that starts out like this: While this sportster was originally going to be Adam’s, for the sake of expedience, it has now become mine (my ’73 Ironhead Sportster is still in boxes, while this one at least ran). Adam had started to turn it into this: When I inherited it, it looked like this: I had already decided to turn my sportster into a chopper, although I’d never really imagined myself having a proper chopper. But the lines of the bike inspired me to have a king queen seat based on some of the photos I’d …

Unraveling the history of a frame

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Hello again everybody! If you read my previous post, you should be expecting a write up about the fabrication (or even the start of) my coffin tank. With Speed Deluxe being so busy during the day and the three of us having a laundry list each of things to knock out on our own bikes after hours, the “how to” for a coffin tank fabrication is going to have to wait until next time. This week I’m going to kind of “piggy back” on last week’s topic of sanding in preparation for painting and the history that can be hidden underneath. First, I had to strip my Panhead’s Wishbone frame free of the chipping paint and cracking Bondo that covered …

Surprises while Sanding with Scott

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    Hello out there to everyone reading this in Internetland. My name is Scott, and I’m the vintage motorcycle service tech at Speed Deluxe. I needed to sand down and strip the paint and bondo off of the fuel tank from my 1948 Panhead chopper as part of my rebuild. I decided, with some persuasion from my boss Jamie, to document this procedure. Sit back, crack a beer and laugh at me, my first attempt at sanding and what I discovered waiting for me hiding underneath. Here’s what I started with: a custom fabricated “alien tank” with some sketchy-at-best weld and repair jobs.   First, I removed the tank badges. (Note the AMF name being run upside down because…well, …


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We’ve been fairly quiet on here lately. Through the first months after opening, we would have people stop in and ask if we serviced older bikes as well as build them. Given the slow process of builds and limited interest in them to start, we realized that we needed another revenue stream to help keep us going. So we picked up some service work, helped a few people get their garage builds or garage finds going. How do you balance what you want to do (building bikes) with the necessary work to stay in business, in terms of both time and money? Adam and I realized that there was a demand for work on older bikes, be it service or …