1972 Red Honda CB450 Bratstyle

This 1972 Honda CB450 was one of 6 bikes that Adam picked up at an auction in Illinois that had ~80 motorcycles for sale. One of our regulars in the shop was interested in an about-town bike in something this size.

The bike was in relatively good shape for having sat in a barn for ? years. We went through and rebuilt the carbs, made any wiring repairs, gave it a service, and replaced gaskets. In addition, the stator needed to be replaced. The budget allowed for only minor cosmetic changes, so we chopped the fender and mounted a vintage-style STOP light on a custom-made tail light and license plate bracket. The wheels were broken down, and the wheels and hubs were powdercoated black. New stainless spokes were laced on the wheels, and Coker diamond tread tires installed. Custom handlebars were fabricated and powdercoated. The front fender was removed, and the owner wanted it to have a meaner sound, so the mufflers were removed. The rest of the exhaust was wrapped. The tank was left as it was, complete with the big dent – we’re still trying to figure out how a dent is made in that spot, particularly because this is the second tank we have with a dent in that same spot. It’s amazing how well some of these seats hold up in questionable conditions.

Future plans include new, shorter mufflers and paint, but it does seem a shame to get rid of the original Honda sticker with fantastic advice.

He also picked up a new Biltwell red metal flake Bonanza helmet, and Adam laid a few licks before he took it home.

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