1972 Gold Honda CB450 Bratstyle

This 1972 Honda CB450 was part of a purchase of 4 vintage Hondas (CB125, CB350, CB350, CB450). Adam had gone to an auction in Illinois that had ~80 motorcycles for sale. As he was leaving with his 6 purchases, he was approached by someone that had these 4 bikes for sale. He had picked them up over the years, and he’d never gotten around to getting them running/on the road. The person that owns this bike now saw our 1973 Honda CB350F cafe racer in the parking lot of a restaurant and approached us about the possibility of putting a bike together for him. He was interested in something bigger than a 350, and we thought this 450 would be perfect. Over the period of a few months, he paid in installments as we got the bike running and then did a few mods.

The bike was a bit crusty and needed the usual (carbs rebuilt, some wiring repairs, fork service, gaskets). In addition, we had to replace the chain, adjust the brakes, replace the gaiters, new starter solenoid, new stator. We chopped the fender and placed a vintage glass lens tail light on a custom-made tail light and license plate bracket. The wheels were broken down, and the wheels and hubs were powdercoated black. New stainless spokes were laced on the wheels, and Coker diamond tread tires installed. Custom handlebars were fabricated and powdercoated. Biltwell Kung Fu grips were installed, with bar-end mirrors on both sides. The front fender was removed. The tank and side covers were painted with stock Honda gold. The emblems needed some touch-up.

The decals for the tank stripes were delayed, so we handed the bike over to the new owner to ride while there was still some nice weather. It will be back over the winter for the decals and new exhaust. The turn signals will also be removed.

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