2007 Yamaha V-Star

This bike is the newest of any of the bikes that we have customized, but the fabrication proved fun. It was lowered, front and back, fender shaped and fabricated, handlebars shaped, and bike painted. The original plan was to narrow the tank, but we found that the frame and tunnel did not allow for it without significantly reducing the tank’s capacity. Therefore, the sides were inverted instead.

It started out as a stock 2007 Yamaha V-Star:

When we removed the paint from the tank, we found an awesome previous repair. We’re still amazed that anyone managed to lay on that much bondo!

Instead of trying to invert the tank itself, new panels were formed.

The fender was formed, and the tank and fender primed.

A new seat pan was formed, and a cover for everything that was originally under the seat was also formed. A new air filter, and it’s nearly ready.

Final product:

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