2017 Vintage 1000

In 2017, we had 14 riders from around the US, Canada, and England. We traveled east through the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The group in 2017, including our support crew who trails us with a trailer and sets up/breaks down camp.

It’s a horrible moment when your bike has to go on the trailer, but sometimes you get to catch views like this on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Event creator and Speed Deluxe owner, Adam Sheard on a Grumph

Chastin Brand, co-conspirator for the Vintage 1000 concept.

Jamie Sheard, organizes everyone.

Nathan DiClaudio, 4th year attending and resident 2-stroke expert

Joel Alderson, grumpy old man and friend of the shop

Jim Robinson, grumpy old man #2 and first to do the ride on a bike with a side car (2016) and a rigid bike (2017)

Andrew Duthie, owner of Nashville Motorcycle Repair – completely self-sufficient

Eric Mellis, 3rd-time participant from Canada

Calvin Padgett, chillest guy ever and part of the father/son duo with Luke

Luke Padgett, our photographer/videographer extraordinnaire

Eric Kessel, along for the ride and glad to be away from work

Matt Greenwell, second chillest guy on the trip

David Wood, 2nd time participant from England

Jonathan Vershure, definitely the nicest guy on the trip

Our fantastic support crew – Sarah Sadler, Fritsl Butler, and Lauren Brand

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