Speed Deluxe Vintage Adventures

Vintage Tour de Appalachia

This road tour is perfect for those who want to enjoy vintage motorcycles, great people, some of the best mountain roads, and beautiful scenery over a long weekend. 

Interested? Read more below and sign up using the form at the bottom of the page.


$250* total
$100 deposit due on registration
Balance of $150 due 12 weeks prior to start of ride.

This route starts and ends in Chattanooga, traveling into the mountains of Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina. This ride is truly fantastic, ranging from deep in the forest to riding through beautiful valleys surrounded by mountains.

We are planning stops at interesting locations along the way and will update the details here once they are finalized.

*does not include transportation to/from the starting point, accommodation; meals; fuel or extra parts during the event


The route is fully mapped by us. Navigation is by roll chart (roll charts are provided – you have to provide your own roll chart holder). No GPS. We will stay at hotels, which will be selected and shared in advance. Your registration fee covers the support vehicle, maps, and an event t-shirt. You will be responsible for paying for your own hotel accommodation, food/beverages, gas, and parts.

There is a maximum of 25 paid riders, who are divided into smaller groups for riding. This helps keep the group moving while providing group support when needed. 

The riders’ meeting occurs at 7 am the Friday morning of the event, and we arrive back in Chattanooga mid-late afternoon on Sunday. 


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Deposit is transferable to another person but not refundable.

4-6 weeks from the event – $150 refund
Less than 4 weeks to the event – $0 refund
At any time, you can transfer your registration to another person.


A support vehicle will follow behind the group.

Each riding group will be supplied with a Garmin InReach Satellite tracker to communicate with the support vehicle and for medical help, if needed.

It's time for a weekend of motorcycling fun.