We’ve been fairly quiet on here lately. Through the first months after opening, we would have people stop in and ask if we serviced older bikes as well as build them. Given the slow process of builds and limited interest in them to start, we realized that we needed another revenue stream to help keep us going. So we picked up some service work, helped a few people get their garage builds or garage finds going. How do you balance what you want to do (building bikes) with the necessary work to stay in business, in terms of both time and money? Adam and I realized that there was a demand for work on older bikes, be it service or more major repairs/updates, and that he couldn’t do all of it and keep everything moving on a good schedule. In the meantime, we had a number of people stop in wanting to work in a shop like ours. We finally decided to take the plunge and bring someone on to help. Scott started with us a couple of days a week until we felt ready to commit having a full-time employee. He’s now been with us for a month, and it’s working well. The dynamic in the shop is good. We have things rolling through. We’d like to thank all of our customers for their patience during our time of transition.

We also realized that the godaddy web building tool wasn’t working with our vision of our website, so we bartered for some web development. It’s taken some time and isn’t quite the finished product yet. But, Scott, Adam, and I will be blogging on a regular basis now. So, please check back to read about what’s happening in the shop!

Until next time,