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We spent Saturday in Dayton, Tennessee, just north of the shop at a private motocross track. What started out as a freezing cold morning turned in to a beautiful winter day in a fantastic setting. The original plan was for more classes, but with the turn out, 3 classes were formed: vintage, modern, and kids. Following multiple practice laps, 2 races were run in each class, 5 laps each (I think the track was ~1.25 miles). Adam borrowed a bike from a friend because his recently-acquired 72(?) Husqvarna isn’t quite functioning yet, so he ended up in the modern class. I took over the photographer responsibilities and managed to snap about 800 photos before the batteries in both cameras died. I’ll only upload some here, but if you are one of the participants and want more of you, shoot me an email ([email protected]), and I can send them your way. I’ve just set up a flickr account to share all of the photos from various events:

Warming up, hanging out:

Warming up the bikes IMG_2394

Even dogs get cold
Even dogs get cold



Bandit  Yamaha  Suzuki Young rider

Riders meeting



Vintage class:

Airtime1 Airtime2 Husky IMG_2546 IMG_2535 IMG_2528 IMG_2508Kawasaki

More of the vintage class race can be viewed at our flickr page:


Modern class:

IMG_2636 IMG_2773 IMG_2788

More of the modern class race can be viewed on our flickr page:


IMG_2935 IMG_2920


More of the kids’ class can be viewed on our flickr page:



Next race is December 13 – hope to see you there!!