1967 BSA Flat Tracker

Deus Ex Machina hosts an annual Bike Build Off occurring on the same date in Sydney, Australia; Milan, Italy; Tokyo, Japan; Bali; and Venice Beach, California. Adam was invited to participate…

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2015 Vintage 1000

There was some talk between friends regarding a 5-5-5 ride that had been planned a few years ago (? as to whether it is still occurring), during which $500 motorcycles…

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Hillside Mx

We spent Saturday in Dayton, Tennessee, just north of the shop at a private motocross track. What started out as a freezing cold morning turned in to a beautiful winter…

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DiCE magazine

  We also fell behind on our issues of DiCE magazine, but issues 57 and 58 are on their way and should be in the shop later this week.

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Show Class Magazine

One of the perks of having your own shop is having an excuse to stock all of our favorite magazines, including Show Class magazine. If you haven't checked it out,…

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